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The Rise in State Income Tax Refund Identity Fraud

Ascertaining the scope of the problem in the states is a challenge. Learn more about the reasons for the rise in identity-based tax refund fraud in the states, true challenges facing the states and ways states are leading the fight against identity fraud

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Taxpayer and Government Official Perspectives on Identity Theft-related Tax Refund Fraud at the State Level

Identity-theft related income tax refund fraud has been a growing issue facing our nation and will continue to be for years to come. The problem of the federal income tax refund identity fraud has been well-covered by the media; however, there has not been a comprehensive review of the topic at the state level, until now.LexisNexis commissioned the Governing Institute to conduct two studies to understand the perspectives of state government officials and taxpayers as they relate to identity-based state tax refund fraud.

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How DMVs Can Help Prevent Fraud and Improve Public Safety

Learn how DMVs can help prevent fraud and improve officer safety by implementing proven identity proofing practices.

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The Rise of Organized Crime in Health Care Whitepaper: The Real Cost of Health Care Fraud - And New Ways to Fight It

"Analyzing data, including public records, online information and data from the payer’s own transactions can provide an effective way to catch suspicious claims or patterns of behavior. Payers must become more sophisticated in their analysis of providers and patients so they can stop healthcare fraud before claims
are paid. "

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Tax Refund Investigative Program Whitepaper: Combat Fraud Before It Happens

For government agencies to find fraud before it happens, they must be able to access records across city, county, and state boundaries. Rather than depending on the records maintained by the agency, LexisNexis identity fraud filters develop a comprehensive picture of the taxpayer’s activity to detect fraud.

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Leveraging Social Network Analytics Case Study: Prevent Fraud and Improper Payments

Advanced analytics leveraging massive public records data sets are changing the way health care enterprises detect and prevent fraud. A pilot program conducted by LexisNexis for the New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) not only showcased the power of social networking analytics — integrated with comprehensive external data and powerful linking technology — but also helped reveal the foundations of a massive fraud scheme.

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